Friday, May 9, 2008

Adel Abdul-Rahman

Born in Cairo in 1958, Adel Abdul-Rahman graduated from the Faculty of Art Education, Helwan University in 1982. He got a first degree in art education and was appointed demonstrator in the Department of Designing immediately after graduation. In 1987, he got an MA for the thesis entitled "Developing child imagination." In 1994, he got a Ph.D. for a doctoral thesis on "The impact of ancient Egyptian art on modern European arts."
As of 1991 till 1997, Abdul-Rahman carried out studies in the fields of photography, colour theories, graphics, carving and theatrical decor in the Munich-based Arts Academy. His several exquisite art exhibitions enriched the modern Egyptian artistic movement. Abdul-Rahman also wrote a number of artistic articles to Egyptian, Arabic and German newspaper as well.
Abdul-Rahman designed the posters of the Amnesty International in 1992, the 1994 Cairo International Film Festival and the poster marking the inauguration of Uffing Museum in Germany in 1997. He drew the maps of some German cities in 1995 and 1997 and was assigned the task of photographing some of the German museums’ finest pieces. He was also awarded first prize for the best internal design of Freizing tunnel in Germany in 1996.
1984 Foreign Diplomats Exhibition.
1991/92/93/96/97 Sparkasse Murnau Gallery.
1993/97 the Munich-based Fine Arts Academy.
1993/96/97 Uffing Museum.
1995 The Syndicate of Plastic Artists.
1997 Moevenpick Hotel Gallery.
1997 Light and Colour Exhibition

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