Friday, May 9, 2008

Mohammad Abdul-Mottaleb

Birth name
Mohammad Abdul-Mottaleb Al-Ahmar
Date of birth
August 13, 1910, al-Bohayrah, Egypt
Abdul-Muttaleb's songs still live with us because of their authenticity and also because of his beautiful voice which reminds us of the warmth of Egypt's popular districts.
He learned music at the hands of renowned composer Dawood Hosni, who was his mentor. In his early beginnings he was influenced by vocalist Abdul-Lattif al-Bannah, and by composers Sayed Darwish, Dawood Hosni, Abul-'Ila Mohammad, Ibrahim al-Qabbani, Saleh Abdul-Hay and Mohammad Abdul-Wahab.
He worked with composers Fareed Al-Atrash, Ahmad Sharaf, Ezzat al-Gahli and Mahmoud al-Sharif.
He received the Order of the Republic from President Gamal Abdul-Nasser in 1964

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